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great. Zo willen we graag dat jij je voelt. Dit doen we door met jou te sporten

Health. The least we have. And the most important thing we have. Healthy people feel better. And have more energy for life. A life where challenges are tackled. Preferably smiling. At home. At work, and at every other occasion life might throw at you. Because healthy people are just a tad sharper. And look just a bit better. They are ready for everything. They are the ones that get the most out of life. A healthy life. A great life.
That’s what we’re about; being great at life. We do it through sports, wellness and food. With the added bonus of personal advice; tailored to you. We don’t settle for less than great. Not for you, not in what we do. So come on in be great at life

Health is at the core of everything we do. We invite you to challenge yourself, either through independent workouts, group classes, or with the support of our personal trainers. Push your boundaries. Uncover your limits. Achieve your goals — both physically and mentally.

We aren’t about egos or attitude. We’re about results.
Monthly personal training and workout plan. Unlimited access to Cardio, Fitness and Spa facilities. Small group classes
12 month unlimited
€84,99 Per maand
incl btw
6 month unlimited
€94,99 Per maand
incl btw
4 weeks unlimited
€104,99 Per maand
incl btw


Ruysdaelstraat 88H
1071XH Amsterdam
maandag 07:00-22:00
dinsdag 07:00-22:00
woensdag 07:00-22:00
donderdag 07:00-22:00
vrijdag 07:00-22:00
zaterdag 09:00-18:00
zondag 09:00-18:00

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